We are aiming at creating an organization that consistently perform planning, development, manufacture, and sales.

We keep our eyes wide open for prompt support for customers needs and creation of surpass products that are high value added and do not exist in the current market.

Toward a vertically integrated corporate organization, the necessary processes for creation of products are totally managed as total in-house production to create high-quality products. Three departments, Sales, Development, and Manufacturing, improve information sharing to a higher order for creation of new products, shortest delivery, and high-quality products. These three departments as a unit are working every day toward a factory of fluororesin products as the number 1 in the world. We are making efforts to improve daily tasks and enhance knowledge and engineering force so that we can respond to various requests from customers such as high-mix low-volume production.

Scope of Activities

1.Supply of chemicals to semiconductor front-end process and FPD factories

Many high-purity chemicals are used for manufacturing of semiconductors and FPDs. These high-purity chemicals are supplied from the chemical company to each semiconductor and FPD factories in various ways. For example, large containers such as tank lorries and various pressurized containers are used. Surpass Industry provides various connectors to such all containers, so that chemicals manufactured in the chemical company will be safely delivered to each semiconductor and FPD factories with the purity maintained. The chemical supplying place is very important because of the first location supplying chemicals to each factories. So very clean, leak-free high-quality products are required. We have delivered connectors as a chemical transportation solution for such very important places for more than 20 years.



2.Chemical control in semiconductor manufacturing equipment and FPD manufacturing equipment


On the other hand, there are various manufacturing equipment in the semiconductor front-end process and FPD manufacturing process. Our products are used for such equipment as well. Pressure sensors, flow meters, valves, regulators, etc. are used to control chemicals in semiconductor front-end process and FPD manufacturing processes.

3.In addition, we are supplying various fluororesin products to the physics and chemistry equipment industry that require chemical resistance.