Products have been submitted to strict tests and inspections prior to delivery, and is covered with a free-repair guarantee for the period of one year from date of product delivery. During this period, SURPASS INDUSTRY CO., LTD. will provide free repair service for all breakdowns, which we recognize as designer/manufacturer's responsibility.


We are not responsible for the compensation of any direct or indirect loss or damages, personal injuries or any other issues resulting from the usage of the SURPASS INDUSTRY CO., LTD. product alone or in combination with other products, beyond the products' specification conditions. The SURPASS INDUSTRY CO., LTD. warranty's compensation is limited to the replacement of products.


However, the warranty is voided(i.e. the customers pays for repairs) in case of the following.

  1. Breakdown or damage caused by product handling or usage that does not comply with the product's operation manual.
  2. Breakdown or damage caused by careless handling or usage of the product. 
  3. Breakdown or damage caused by disassembly or alteration, or inappropriate adjustment  or repair of the product.
  4. Breakdown or damage caused by natural disasters or other acts of God.
  5. Replacement of consumable articles or accessories.
  • Products are not designed for use with any equipment or in the system that is operated under conditions that could be critical to human life.